Featured Art from Around the World

From Our Artisans in South America

Hand carved and painted bird gourd. artist signed. Ecuador
6.5“H X 4“W
Item #9942 $26.50

Heavily detailed, hand carved and painted, Rain forest motif gourd. This is an exceptional piece of artistry done in the flora and fauna of the Rain forest. Museum quality, artist signed. Ecuador
6”D x 5”H
Item #9942.1 $77.50

Hand carved gourd

Round 6" to 8" in diameter

Item 9942.2 $35.95

Handwoven wool shoulder bag from the Andes
9 1/2“H X 8 1/2“W
Item #9943 $39.95

Handwoven wool shoulder bag from the Andes
16“H X 15.5“W
Item #9943.1 $49.95

Handwoven Wall Hanging from the Andes
24“H X 48“W
Item #9943.2 $69.95

And From New Guinea

Artisan creating a Yam mask in East Sepik Province (Photo Helen Dennett)


A Yam mask from the Maprik/Wosera area of New Guinea. Ancestral and spirit images to decorate, consecrate, and celebrate the ancestors at the Yam or Harvest Festival

Display stand included. “L X “W Item #8810 $89.95


A Penis Cover from the Kaminabit, Kararau, and Mameri Villages, Iatmul Tribe, Sepik River, New Guinea is a gourd decorated with twine, shells, and clay colors. They are sometimes decorated with faces and clan animals and are used for ceremonial dances and other ceremonies.
Approx. size: 9“L X 4 “D Item #8814 $73.95

A Subut Bird from the New Guinean culture, he is the Good Being in the Creation Myth. The Subut Bird rescued the women from the evil rapist Crocodile and protected her through the birth of her eggs. Yamok Village, Middle Sepik Region. “H X “W X “D Item: #8813 $87.50

On to Africa

A. Hand carved wood mask, Nigeria
13“H X 6“W
Item #3602 $79.95

B. Hand carved wood mask. Decorated
with beadwork and brass. Ghana
17 “H X 5.5“W
Item #3603 $129.95

C. Hand carved wood mask. Zimbabwe
12“H X 6.5“W
Item #3602.1 $79.95

And Over To China

Tagua Nut Carvings

The Tagua tree is a palm which grows only in some rare subtropical climates. Its oval shaped fruits are called Tagua Nuts. These fruits harden in the heat of the subtropics and can then be carved. Their weight, color, and hardness are similiar to Elephant ivory. Because of their similiar characteristics, they represent the best substitute for Elephant ivory. In this way, we can help stop the needless slaughter of animals for their ivory. Each carved nut represents years of achievement of a master craftsman carver. Tagua nut carvings have become wonderful collector’s items. Each beautiful carving comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Elephant w/ blanket
1.75“H X 1.25“W
Item #6401.2 $24.50

Panda Bear
1.75 “H X 1.25“W
Item #6401.1 $24.50

1.75“H X1.25“W
Item #6401 $24.50


Then Back to the United States

Antler Art

The antlers used in our featured art come from deer, elk, and moose. Let us first assure you that no animals were endangered or killed in the production of these unique items. Antlers are shed periodically, once a year. At that time, they are gathered by our artisans, cut and polished, and designed to create our beautiful pen sets, letter openers, and business card holders direct from Mother Nature. Each piece is uniquely different, one of a kind.

Made in the Ozarks, this beautiful handcrafted knife is forged from the excellent steel of an antique circular saw blade. The handle is fashioned from deer antler. A brass guard is positioned between the knife and the handle.

The piece is artist signed and dated.
Item #SFMK D 8” x 1 1/2” $87.50

A item #6002.4 Pen set $24.50
B item #7091.1 Pen set $24.50
C item #7091 Letter opener $12.95

Business Card Holder
6.5“L X 5.5“W X 1.5“H
Item #1110 $32.95

Elk horn keychains are the design of a Native American craftsman from New Mexico and are all handpainted. Other designs available. Item #1111 $8.95

Montana Candleworks

Made in Montana, these natural Birch and Pine wood candle holders are filled with aromatic, scented candles which can be replaced.


Item #5825 $13.00 Small 3 “H X4“D

Item #5826 $15.00 Medium 5“H X4“D

Item #5827 $17.00 Large 7“H X4“D


Item #5820 $15.00
Small 3 “H X4“D

Item #5821 $15.00
Medium 5“H X4“D

Item #5822 $17.00
Large 7“H X4“D

Fat "Loving" Bear

Item # 5828 $69.95

Wooden Jewelry or Accessory Boxes

Designed and created by Nature and handmade by a retired gentleman from Illinois, each box incorporates a cut of wood with turquoise stone handles. The Sycamore Burl has been designed with a secret compartment for hiding valuables. The smaller boxes are done by laminating layers of different woods for color variation, then cutting the box from the slab.

Tamarisk Wood
Three Drawer box
D 7 “ x 5 “ x 4“
#5104 $32.95

Sycamore Burl
Drawer w/
hidden compartment
D 7 1/2 “ x 6 “ x 2 3/4 “
#5103 $24.95

Laminated Wood
Accessory Boxes
D 3 1/4 “x 2 1/4 “
#5103.1 $10.95


And for Color and Light - The Kaleidoscope

Handmade of Copper which is heated to extreme temperature for a kaleidoscope of color on the outside as well as inside, this piece contains plexiglass mirrors which will not easily be broken. The kaleidoscope measures and comes with its own stand and a second marble of varied colors which easily interchanges with the first.

9 1/2” L x 1 1/4” D

#WFA11 $22.50

Treasures of the Earth T-Shirts

“Super Cotton” T-Shirts made by Fruit of the Loom, these shirts are 100% Cotton and are pre-shrunk. At this time, we have only limited adult sizes. Please check below. These are great heavy T-shirts with permanent designs. The front of the shirt bears the logo, while the back features a large sketch of a fossil with a description of its habitat. All T/Shirts $17.95

Item: 7739 Ammonite L, XL
Item: 7740 Turritella L, XL
Item: 7741 Trilobite L, XL


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