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Native American Indian Points

1 Large point, 2 small points
2 Anasazi Pottery Sherds w/
Display Case
7“ H X 5“ W X 2” D
#5073 $ 82.50

In plastic case. Avg point size
1 1/2“ H X 1 1/4“ W
#5090 $ 19.95 /ea.

Copper Awl in Display Case
3 1/2“H X 1 1/4“W
5090.1 $28.50

1 3/4 “H X 1 1/2 “W
#5090 $ 19.95

1 5/8 “H X 1 3/8 “W
#5090 $ 19.95

1 1/2 “H X 1 1/4“W
#5090 $ 19.95

Obsidian Point in Desk Display
Warner Valley, Oregon
3 “H X 3 “W X 2”D
#1118 $23.95

Obsidian Point in Desk Display
Warner Valley, Oregon
3“H X 3 “W X 2”D
#1118.1 $23.95


Native American Indian Pottery

Mississippian Culture (1000 - 1400 A.D.)

Typical in style, this beautiful old piece of Mississippian pottery was found in Lyons Co. Kentucky, and was originally from the Dr. T. H. Young Collection. It has been repaired around the circumference of the piece, but the work has been nicely done and does not detract from the aesthetics of the pottery.

6.1 “H X 5 .5“D
#C005 $295.00

Also Mississippian, this old water bowl is from the Colonel Vietzen Museum Collection. It sits on a circular base. There is slight damage repair at the top of the piece, but has no cracks and is otherwise in good condition. It was found in Mission County, Arkansas and would make a get addition to any collection.

6.1“H X 7.75“D
#C003 $325.00

An unusual piece, this beautiful old comb was made of antler. It is engraved at the top edge of the comb and on the handle on both sides, and measures 6.5” x 2”. It came to us from a museum collection in Montana with many other wonderful Sioux Indian artifacts. It is in a very nice snap-close display case.

NAA1 $ 375.00

A leather beaded pouch, an artifact from the Sioux. I can’t tell you much about this piece except that it is very old. It measures 6” in length x 3 3/4” in width. A small note found inside reads 1900 Sioux Pouch, JBKotofe.

NAA2 $ 155.00

From the Cherokee, this is a wonderful old trade bead necklace with assorted beads with hand hammered copper gorget in black display case. The trade bead necklace is approximately 20” long, while the gorget measures 5” in width and 4” in length.

#NAA3 $ 450.00

From South America comes this Pre-Columbian Aztec Clay Bead also from a Museum Collection. It is a large black bead which measures 3/4” in height and 1 1/8” in diameter. The bead is flat on the top and bottom. The design is etched in the bead. The bead was either worn or used on a spindle for weaving thread.

#NAA4 $ 47.50

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