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Spindle Whorl, Manteno Culture, C 800-1500 AD, Ecuador The diverse geometric patterns on Ecudorian whorls may have each had special meaning. but the symbology is now and forever obscure.
#FWA1 $42.50

Roman Bronze Arrowhead, C 3rd-1st Century AD, Bulgaria
D 5 1/4” x 7/8”
#FWA2 $45.00

African Basket, Nigeria
12 “D X 5”HFWA4 $97.50

Roman Bronze Ring

C 3rd-1st Century AD, Bulgaria
Size 9.75
#FWA3 $75.00

African Spear
6 ft. in length
Spear point 12.5” x 3” W
Point stem is additional 12” in length
FWA5 $ 95.00


Trade Beads

Trade bead were an important means not only for trade, but for establishing social relationships as well. Many of these fine beads were made in Europe during the 18th -19th century and traded all over the world with indigenous cultures. They were heavily traded with Native American Indians in the Americas and with the tribes of West Africa.

Approximately 24 “L
#5062.3 $125.00

Native American Indian

18th & 19th Century


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