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18th - 19th Century

Clay Trade Pipes

Dark brown in color, glazed w/ribbing. The pipe is in very good condition except for a slight wear on the bottom edge where the stem would attach

1 5/8 “H X 1 “D X 1 1/2”L
#1104 $34.95

Reddish clay pipe has a small chip out of the bottom of the pipe where the stem attached. Other than this spot, the old pipe is in good condition.

1 3/8“H X 7/8 “D X 1 3/8”L
#1104.2 $34.95

More gray in color than the first, this old pipe is not glazed. It is ribbed with a small worn down section on the bowl edge. Other than this is in good condition.

1 5/8 “H X 1 “D X 1 1/2”L
#1104.1 $34.95

Civil War Bullets, Musketballs, and Memorabilia

#0602 $14.95/ea

69 Caliber, Harper’s Ferry,
Musketball, .54 Cal. Carbine
#0602.1 $19.95/ea
Cleaning Round
#0602.4 $24.95

Sharps Carbine, .54 Cal Sharps Carbine
Mini Ball, Richmond Insert, Spencer
#0602.3 $19.95

Native American Indian

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