The pottery that the Tarahumara Indians make for themselves is rarely painted or polished. The bottom of the pots are often rounded so that they will fit snugly into the holes made in the dirt floors of Tarahumara homes. They have no potters' wheels, but create the beautiful pieces of pottery completely by hand forming the rounded pieces working the clay between their hands giving the irregular diverse nature to each piece done. The pottery is then allowed to dry naturally and is fired by holding the piece over an open fire. The black markings on some pieces is actually charcoal from the firing process where the pot may have been held too close to the fire.
*Also see drums of the Tarahumara artisans in Native American.

  7.5" D x 8.5" H
#3106.1 $28.95

 Stand not included.
See "Stands" below.
12" D x 6.5" H
#3135 $42.95

8" D x9" H
#3106 $32.95


Stand not included.
See "Stands" below.
10" D x 10.5" H
#3128 $53.00 


These internationally famous pots from the small village of Mata Ortiz in the central region of Chihuahua near the ruins of Paquime are individually handmade much as those of the original Casas Grandes Indian potters from 700 to 1000 years ago. In this same region many old pots and pottery shards were excavated with these same designs. The pots are built, painted, and fired in the old way without the use of a potter's wheel. These wonderful pots with their colorful and varied designs are featured by many museums and galleries as some of the finest pottery made today. Many are artist signed and you can still fell the finger impressions inside left as the artisans worked to hand shape the pots.


6 3/4" D x 4 1/4" H
#3101.2A $ 45.00


Artist Signed
5 1/2" D x 5 1/2" H
#3103.3 $86.50

Artist Signed
8" D x 6 3/4" H
#3101.3 $75.00


Artist Signed
10 1/2" D x 10" H
#4803.1 $95.00

White Casas Grandes Pottery


Artist Signed
4 1/4" D x 3 3/4" H
#3134.3 $32.00


Artist Signed
8 1/2" D x 5 1/2" H
#3103.4 $85.00

Black on Black Casas Grandes Pottery


Artist Signed
3 1/2" D x 3 1/4" H
#3134 $21.50


Pottery with Wrapped Snake Design
6.75" D x 4.25" H
Item #3130 $45.00


May have been signed. Scratches on bottom make signature illegible.
7 1/4" D x 6" H
#3133 $ 37.50
See stands below

Special Offerings from our

Mata Ortiz Pottery


Pottery by Vidal Corona

6.5" H x 4.25" D
Item #3193.1K $175.00


Pottery by Lourdes Quezada

8" H x 4.25" D
Item #3193.2 $95.00

Pottery by Lourdes Quezada

8" H x 4.25" D
Item #3193.3 $100.00



Pottery by Lourdes Quezada

8" H x 4.25" D
Item #3192Q $150.00


Pottery by Luly Quezada

Wife of Juan Quezada, Jr.
5.75" D x 4" H
Item #3192.1Q $180.00

Pottery by Quezada Family

Top view of pottery to the left.



Pottery by Quezada

8" H x 4.25" D
Item #3192.2Q $250.00


Pottery by Lila Silveira Quezada

5.75" D x 4" H
Item #3192.1Q $525.00

Bottom View of Pottery to the Left

Item #3192.3Q


10.5" D x 5.5" H
Signed R. Gaiyan
#3115 $67.50

8" D x 5.5" H
#3112 $54.50


Mexican Drip Pottery Jars - Removable lids

A. 6" D x 6 1/2" H
Colors: Green, Red
#3131 $15.95
B. 6 1/4" D x 7 3/4" H
Colors: Green
#3131.1 $21.95
 C. Sombrero Lid Style
Colors: Brown, Purple
7" D x 8" H
#3131.2 $21.95

Austin Style White Indian Maiden Vase
9.5" H x 10" W x 4" D
Item #4501 $32.95


Large Clay Aztec or Mayan Design Figures
12 " H x 9" W x 12.5" D
#3108 $56.95


Black All Metal Pottery Stands
#PST1 Small 4" W x 3" H $5.00
#PST2 Medium 5.5" W x 3" H $7.00
#PST3 Large 7" W x 3.5" H $9.00 


Wooden Legged, Rawhide
Tied Pottery Stands
#PST4 Small 6.5" W x 3.5" H $9.00



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