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These log drums are made from hollowed logs with the bark still intact. There is hide on both the top and bottom, stretched with rawhide stripping.

10“ H x 6 1/4“ D
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12“ H x 5 1/2“ D
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Tarahumara Drums

The Tarahumara, by John S. Kennedy

University of California, Los Angeles

The Native American Indians of the Sierra Madres, the Tarahumara are the largest tribe of North American Indians who, for the most part, still preserve a native way of life. They speak their own language, maintain a unique style of dress, and attempt to preserve their native 17th Century customs. Through their craftsmanship, the Tarahumara create practical objects that are also pleasing to the eye. Using their native methods, artisans make objects that are sought by collectors and art dealers throughout the U.S. With all the changes around them, outsiders sadly predict that the Tarahumara tribe will someday disappear following the path of so many other North American Indians. tribes with the only evidence of their native way of life being artifacts found in museums.”

Tarahumara drums are made in preparation for the Easter celebration

14.5 “ H x 11“ D
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Artist Signed
7.5“ D
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