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Tagua Nut Carvings

From the rain forests come the tagua nuts, oval shaped fruits of the tagua palm trees. The fruits harden under the suns heat and can be carved. As their color and hardness are similar to those of elephant ivory and with their natural grain, they represent the best substitute to elephant ivory. Substitution of the tagua nut for ivory can aide in the protection of the elephant and promote proper management of an endangered environment. Each carved nut is the achievement of a master carver. As all the tagua nuts have natural small openings, it sometimes happens that when carved the openings remain in the carving making them delightful pendants. Each piece is approximately 1 1/4” in diameter.

Big Horn Sheep
#6401 $32.95

O' Possum
#6401.1 $32.95

#6401.2 $32.95

Antler Art Jewelry

This unique line of jewelry by Pete and Vicki Gould is handpainted on deer and elk antlers that shed naturally in the spring of each year. By combining the antler with Native American Indian designs, they produce striking pieces of jewelry. It is their hope that the wise use of this renewable antler resource will remind us to treasure our environment not only for man’s sake, but also for the animals with whom we share it.

Antler Earrings
#1112 $26.50/ea.

Antler Earrings
#1112.1 $34.00

Money Clip
#1115 $20.00

Belt Buckle
#7005 $38.50

Gibeon Meteorites

One of the largest meteor strewn fields on earth, the Gibeon field in South Africa exceeds 40 miles wide and 250 miles long. The Gibeon Meteorite was found in 1836. Most of the fragments of this meteor were found on top of the ground. This iron Meteorite has in it a unique crystallization known as the Widmanstatten crystal structure, a result of cooling in outer space over billions of years. Scientists have also found rare minerals only heretofore found in nuclear fusion.

Drilled Meteorite Pendants
Item #5066 $36.00

Saturn Pendant
#5066.1 $54.00

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