The jewelry included in our website has been selected for its uniqueness and artistic quality. From Egyptian scarabs to Native American designs and from tumbled stones to woolly mammoth ivory and dinosaur bone jewelry, the finest variety from our artists for the most diverse and discriminating of tastes can be found in these pages. All pendants are sold with 18”, 20” or 24” costume cobra chains in order to minimize prices of the stones offered here. All chains may be easily replaced at your discretion.

Make it Simple

Just a Little Something
Natures Colorful Minerals

The Unusual

Tagua Nut Jewelry
Antler Art (Native American)

Native American Style

Fettish Necklaces
Antero Minerals

From Our Special Silversmiths

Navajo Silversmith
Utah Silversmith

Fine Gemstone Jewelry


Fossil Jewelry

Amber w/Inclusions
Ammolites from Canada
Woolly Mammoth Ivory
Fossilized Ivory by Zealandia
Dinosaur Bone Jewelry
Alaskan Scrimshaw on Fossil Walrus Ivory


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