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The opaque, vivid blue, or violet-blue stone, consisting largely of lazurite but with appreciable amounts of calcite, ciopside, and pyrite is a mineral called Lapis Lazuli. The stone is usually veined or spotted, and its value depends largely upon the excellence and uniformity of color. Found in Afghanistan, Russia, and Chile, the name is from the Arabic lazaward “heaven”. We are proud to present the following offerings from the Rodrigo Gallardo Collection, Santiago, Chile.

Drop Necklaces $19.00/ea
A. #9810.1
B. #9810.2
C. #9810.3

#9806 $23.50

#9802.2 Necklace $48.00
#9807 Earrings $18.00

#9804 Earrings $19.00
#9803 Bracelet $40.00
#9802.1 Necklace $40.00

A. #9802 $48.00

Item #9801 $65.00


In 1974 Mr. Miguel Mendez, a Dominican geologist, accompanied by an American Peace Corp worker discovered the gem, larimar, on the Caribbean Island of Hispanola. The nomenclature is a combination of the geologist daughters name “Larisa” and “Mar”, the Spanish word for the blue sea. Often referred to as the dolphin stone, the gem is a soft pale blue in color. To date in the world there is only one small mine on Hispanola where this gemstone has been found. Like the diamond and emerald, only 3% of all the stones mined are of gemstone quality. Increased interest and scarcity have made this gem very desirable and valuable.

Larimar Bracelet
#8009 $62.00

Carved Larimar Stone
Dolphin Pendant
#8105 $47.50

Larimar Contemporary
Hoop Necklace
Sterling Silver
#8003 $47.00

Larimar Tie Tack
#8004 $24.00

Larimar Ring
Sizes 6, 7 1/2, 8 1/4
#8011.1 $25.00

Larimar Earrings
#8012.1 $47.50


A. #8102 Larimar Pendant $26.50
B. #8010.2 Larimar Pendant $30.00
C. #8010.5 Larimar Pendant w/Dolphin $36.50


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