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Amber found in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and the Dominican Republic, is a fossilized resin that fell from gigantic prehistoric trees 40,000,000 years ago. It rolled down mountain hills, collecting flora and fauna on its way. Amber is probably the earliest gem stone to be worn as jewelry. Ancient Greeks worshipped it and included it in their mythology, considering the internal fossils and impurities as gifts of the Gods. Today, Amber retains much of its magic and all of its appeal. Many Amber pieces have “fossil inclusions”. These rare, perfectly preserved insects and vegetable fossils have provided scientists with invaluable information and are a ceaseless wonder to the collector.

Amber Filigree Bracelet 925
#8002 $79.50

Sold. Please watch for our

new inventory

Amber Sun Pendant
w/ Inclusions
#0133.2 $32.00

Amber Pendant
w/ Insect Inclusion
#9603 $38.95

Amber Pierced Earrings
#8006 $24.50

Delicate Amber Ring
w/ Inclusions
Size 6 1/2
#8001 $69.95

Delicate Amber Ring
Size 7 3/4
#8001.1 $69.95


One of Natures rarest gems from Korite Ltd., the ammolites were found in Southern Alberta, Canada. Natures magic touch and over 70 million years created this captivating gemstone. More than 70 million years ago, a life form called an ammonite roamed the subtropical seas that bordered the Rocky Mountains. Fossilization of the ammonite in iridescent hues of blue, green, red, and gold, created this new gem. Each piece is unique, hand-cut and finished, one of a kind. The ammolites are set in 14K gold settings.

Ammolite Pendants
Settings vary w/size of gemstone.

Ammolite Pendants Above
Shown Gift Boxed
A. #9902.3 $31.95
B. #9902.4 $38.95
C. #9902.5 $42.95

Item #9909 Cuff Links $48.50

Item #9910 Tie Bar $37.95

Woolly Mammoth Ivory

(An extraordinary cruelty-free alternative to modern ivory)

A rare treasure from the ice age from Korite Minerals, Ltd., has been handcrafted in Canada by master artisans. The Woolly Mammoth roamed the worlds northern latitudes for nearly two and a half million years before becoming extinct following the last ice age which ended approximately 25,000 years ago. One of the largest mammals to ever walk the earth, the mammoth stood as high as four meters at the shoulder and carried tusks up to five meters in length. Over the millennia, as the mammoths life cycle continued to its natural extinction, the giant tusks were fossilized by glacial deposits. During the gold rush of the last century, deposits of the rare, fossil ivory were discovered in the Canadian Yukon and provide the genuine Mammoth Fossil Ivory used in this exquisite jewelry.

Pendants#9908 $37.95/ea.

Ivory/Turquoise Bolo
#9903 $37.95

Carved Seal Bolo Clip 925
#6903 $74.50

Carved Wolf and Pup
#6903.1 $74.50

Bear Pin/Pendant
#6903.2 $87.50

Russian Mammoth Ivory
Artist Signed
#6901 $162.50

Fossilized Ivory by Zealindia

Original handcrafted designs by Zealandia incorporate fossilized walrus ivory with mother of pearl and abalone shell gathered from different areas and variations in coldness of water temperature to give unique color to the fossil settings.

#6907.4 $67.50

#6907.8 $63.75

Sold. Please watch for our

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#6907.1 $44.00

Fossilized Dinosaur Bone

A beautiful piece of fine jewelry and a conversation piece to say the very least, our dinosaur bone jewelry is in very limited supply. Gathered on private land in Utah, this fine dinosaur bone fossil was cut into cabuchons, and highly polished to create these one of a kind pieces of jewelry for your amazement and enjoyment. As noted above, each pendant comes with a costume cobra chain, with price determined solely by the quality of the cabuchon setting. Yes, it is real. Our stones come to us from a reputable collector who we are proud to call friend.

1 1/4” L x 1/4” D#7432 $57.50

1 1/2” L x 1 1/8” W
Polished on both sides
#7439 $137.50

Dino Bone Bolo Stone
1 1/2” L x 1 1/4” W
#7444 $98.50

Dino Bone Belt Buckle
#7445 $97.50

Handcrafted Scrimshaw

Fossil walrus ivory is a legacy from the American Eskimo. The ivory was dug from the old Eskimo camps in northwestern Alaska whos this culture dates back to 4000 B.C. The inherent beauty is due to mineral permeation of the ivory through prolonged submersion in the Arctic soil. The ivory is well cured and ideally suited to the art of scrimshaw. Fossil walrus ivory is limited in supply, has historic significance, and it is a uniquely American ivory with scrimshaw handcrafted by the Alaskan Eskimo.


Tie Tacks
$4303 $14.25/ea
A. Eagles Head
B. Eagle in Flight
C. Polar Bear

Cuff Links
#4301 $28.95
Big Horn - Ram

Free Form Pendants
#4302.1 $17.95
A. Eagles Head
B. Polar Bear/Light Ivory
C. Polar Bear/Brown Ivory

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