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During the Quaternary Period, in which we also live today, majestic Woolly Mammoths roamed across Asia, Europe, and North America. Some as high as 14 feet with 13 foot curved tusks, mammoths have appeared in early cave paintings and became extinct near the end of the Pleistocene.

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Mammoth Tooth
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Mammoth Ivory
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Mammoth Ivory
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Mammoth Ivory
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Cenozoic Coprolite

This fossilized dung was left by Cenozoic Turtles and Sloths. Much in the way dinosaur dung fossilizes, the original droppings are replaced by minerals. They give clues to the diet of Cenozoic life over 16 million years ago.

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Fossil Fish (56 million - 350 million years ago)

The fine freshwater sediments of the Green River in Wyoming have yielded thousands of beautiful, well-preserved fish fossils. In prehistoric times large lakes also filled with fish existed in these areas. During the Ice Age when glaciers moved south, they carried and pushed with them enormous amounts of silt filling the lakes and rivers trapping the fish in the silted materials. Here the fish fossilized, time passed, wind and water eroded away the land around these formations leaving them now to be found on mountain tops.

Knightia, Eocene Age, Green River Formation,Warfield Springs, Wyoming
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