We are very proud of our authentic dinosaur bone and coprolite (dinosaur dung) fossil specimens featured on the Fossil link of this website. Please don't forget to check out our exciting new educational adventures for the summer of 2006, dinosaur digs with our noted paleontologist. Further information also found in our Fossil link. In addition please view Schimmel’s fascinating art print “Canyon of the Ages” found in Books and Art Prints.

Casts of Actual Paleontology Finds

Oviraptor Claw Cast
Item #4205.1 $29.95

Velociraptor Running
Claw Cast
Item #4205 $23.25

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tooth Cast
Item #4205.2 $27.25

Pewter Dinosaurs on Actual Dinosaur Bone Fossil

Tyrannosaurus Rex / Brachiosaurus
3"L X 3"W X 3"H
Item #4416.2 $39.95

Maiasaura Baby
3.5"L X 2.25"W X 2"H
Item #4416 $44.95
Also available in unpainted Pewter

3"L X 2.25"W X 2"H
Item #4416.1 $39.95

Intricately Hand Carved Dinosaurs From Peru

4.5"L X 1.5"W X 2.75" H
Item #0701.1 $66.25

Hand Carved Mineral Dinosaurs From Germany And Peru

Hand Carved Triceratops
Dinosaurs From Peru
2.25"L X 1"W X 2" H
Colors vary
Item #0810.1 $15.50

Hand Carved Brontosaurus
Dinosaurs From Peru
2.25"L X 1"W X 2" H
Colors vary
Item #0810.2 $15.50

Hand Carved Fossil Rock
Dinosaurs From Germany
4"L X 1.25"W X 1.5" H
Colors: Blacks, Greys, and Whites
Tyrannosaurus Rex #0810.3
Brontosaurus #0810.4
Triceratops #0810.5
Dimetrodon #0810.6 $16.95/ea

Pewter Dinosaurs In Bag

Measure approx. 3.5"L X 2.5"H Item #7606.1 $3.50

Measure approx. 3.5"L X 2.5"H
Item #7606.2 $3.50

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Measure approx. 3.5"L X 2.5" H T
Item #7606.3 $3.50

Hand carved Dinosaur Necklaces

Hand carved dinosaurs on adjustable string necklaces.
#KPDN3 D 1" x 1 1/4 " $6.95
A. TRex B. Brontosaurus C. Triceratops


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